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Mission Statement

The Westview Choral Department is devoted to honoring the pursuit of excellence in

music  education through:


  • intensive daily attention on proper choral technique

  • cultivating a true understanding of fundamental musicianship skills

  • providing positive, varied and challenging musical experiences in class, on stage and during field trips

  • the development of essential life skills like dedication, discipline, leadership, self-confidence, creativity and teamwork


Westview’s Choral Department believes in offering a comprehensive music program that develops student singers into professional performers with a lifelong appreciation for choral repertoire and the performing arts. 


*We support and align our choral program with Westview’s core values:  respect your learning, respect yourself, respect each other and respect this place.  Westview is a thriving learning community to which all members feel connected. At Westview, high academic and personal standards are established, accessed and achieved by all members through collaboration, meaningful activities, and ongoing, comprehensive evaluation. The culture of Westview is one of respectful communication and interdependence while still celebrating the uniqueness of the individual. 

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